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Avoid data blowing up in your face!💣

“Data breach,” “ransomware,” “Act 25” – how many times have you heard this on the news lately? The noose is tightening on organizations, targeted by hackers all the while needing to comply with increasingly strict laws. The question is: how do you protect your company’s data? So do we just unplug the servers, throw our laptop out the window and go back to paper? While that could work, we’ll suggest a solution that might work a little better for your productivity. 😊 Protection C4 has been created for YOU: this  (Software As A Service) platform will help you assess your security maturity level and propose an action plan accordingly. Together, let’s secure your organization and make hacker’s lives difficult.

Protection C4: Choose autonomy

Data security is paramount: Take control

Know your risks

Known cyber risks include non-compliance with governing laws as well as ransomware vulnerability. Are those major risks to your organization? What is your biggest security threat at this time?

Obtain a custom security plan

Knowing how to protect your business is key. Protection C4 does not issue generic reports but rather a tailored set of recommendations aligned with the reality of your organization and its own risks.

Increase your efficiency

Protection C4 prioritizes your custom recommendations. Depending on criticality level, the available budget and the time required to implement them, you will finally know where to begin.

Find peace of mind

Your organization's data relative to its customers, employees and partners will be better protected: Reduce your risk of making the headlines for the wrong reasons, which could not only tarnish your reputation but could even jeopardize your future.

Protection C4:

Your risk management platform

Protection C4 - Made with

By Cyberswat Group

Our mission

Protecting people in the digital age

Cyberwat Group, a proudly Quebec-based company, was founded in 2015 by Jean-Philippe Racine. Our team, affectionately known as the SWAT Team, is composed of deeply passionate cybersecurity experts who work hard to protect our clients’ data.

A team of experts at your disposal

Just like a SWAT TEAM who trains regularly in order to stay in top shape and keep sharp reflexes, our team regularly conducts training to have the best possible knowledge in cybersecurity. Complementarity is the key in a team, so every individual has their own field of expertise.

They trust us

To help us have a greater control of our security, we are highly interrested in the Protection C4 platform being developed by Cyberswat Group. We can see how this tool will allow us to be more efficient and proactive in the assessment and monitoring of our risks, thanks in particular to its dashboard that gives an overview of our cybersecurity risks. Of particular interest is the ability to assess risk and prioritize it based on financial impact.